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Life Insurance Expert in NJ, Celeste McKeefery

Licensed Insurance Agency
Life Insurance, Medicare and Fixed Indexed Annuities Experts



As a Life Insurance, Medicare and Annuity specialist and a National Social Social Security Advisor Certificate holder, Celeste McKeefery has worked directly with clients since 2008 helping them understand the benefits of various Life and Health Insurance products and to plan ahead for Retirement.


What would your family’s future look like without you or your income to provide for them?

Will your business thrive if your partner dies?

Will you have enough money in Retirement?

Do you understand all your Medicare options?

From Life Insurance and Annuity quotes, assistance with Medicare, all the way through to a comprehensive Retirement plan… take advantage of our complimentary strategy session.   We take as much time as you need to answer all your questions and work with you to create a plan to help you achieve financial Peace of Mind.

Financial Planning for Families

Need more details about life insurance, Medicare or fixed indexed annuities? Contact us

We are here to assist in protecting you and your family's future. Contact us by phone or email 

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